Salone del mobile 2010 – VERGER + DUTCHINVERTUALS

Dutch Invertuals are merged individual designers who work together and use their specific qualities to realize a multidisciplinary exhibition. This results into the twisted, upside down world of Dutch Invertuals.

Last year, designer Wendy Plomp initiated design collective Dutch Invertuals. Born from the idea that a dynamic group of individuals can create a wonderfully unexpected world in which different disciplines such as graphic, material, spatial, and textile design reflect the multi-faced nature of design. Dutch Invertuals came to life during last years Salone del Mobile when their first exhibition was presented with great success.

This year,during Salone del Mobile, Dutch Invertuals exhibition will feature both new and evolved pieces of work.The exhibition takes place at the newborn space and restaurant of fashion label Verger. The presented collection from Dutch Invertuals is more than just a selection of random objects. The pieces of work reflect the individuality of the designers and the experimental process of making, essential to the concept behind Dutch Invertuals.
For this presentation an intriguing and surprisingly décor will transform the high standard exhibition venue into a surreal world.

Participants: Daphna Isaacs, Edhv, Jo Meesters, Jon Stam, Laurens Manders, Mieke Meijer, Raw Color, Verger and more.